Gabber Eleganza, Alberto Guerrini's transgressive project

It’s hard to find a better ambassador of the gabber style than Alberto Guerrini. During his teenage years in Italy, he was marked by the emergence of this very particular style, a real outlet for some of the youth at that time. First known following the creation of his Tumblr dedicated to the gabber aesthetic, he has now become a multifaceted artist, constantly pushing the boundaries of a well-established genre.

Gabber: a fertile ground for a youth in search of expression

Since its emergence in the 1990s, the gabber has often suffered from its reputation, particularly through its assimilation into the strict world of rave. A reductive vision that neglects the impact of this style on the popular culture at that time, as well as its role as an escape for a generation that was losing its bearings.

Through his Gabber Eleganza artistic project, Alberto Guerrini seeks to reinvent hardcore and post-rave aesthetics, by placing the intensity of the gabber in the contemporary musical context.

Never Sleep and Gabber Eleganza: two innovative projects focused on a shared passion

This innovative artistic vision is expressed in Guerrini’s compositions, and in particular on his EP Never Sleep #1, released on Presto!?, the label of Milanese artist Lorenzo Senni. The three pieces of this project share a transgressive vision of gabber, centered around deconstructed compositions that take up the codes of hardcore, while adapting them to a style tinged with ambient, post-internet and experimental music.

This experimentation process is also reflected in the Hakke Show, his bold and resolutely retrospective live project, which was presented in places such as the Berghain, the HORST Festival, the Oval Space and the CTM festival. During this performance, Guerrini and his dancers brought back to life the golden age of gabber and hardcore through a refined selection of classics of the genre.

With an insatiable need for creation and experimentation, Alberto Guerrini recently distinguished himself with his immersive live performance « ULTRATEMPO » alongside Shapednoise, as part of Davide Giannella’s exhibition « It Plays Something Else ». This multidisciplinary exhibition, presented in January 2019 in Florence, aimed to promote a versatile artistic vision centered around sound, design, photography and animation.

Today, it is through his Never Sleep imprint that he expands his spectrum of artistic expression, by organizing parties and creating books, fanzines, vinyl and merchandising. You can find his various projects on his website, which also includes the graphic codes of the gabber aesthetic.

As a versatile artist with a constant need for creation, Alberto Guerrini is a passionate person who seeks to transmit as clearly as possible the emotions that he believes express a unique musical style with a precious heritage. He will be performing on our boat this Saturday as part of the Syndrome residencies, alongside Emma DJ, boss and resident of the renowned fusion mes couilles parties, and Modern Collapse, the resident duo of the Syndrome parties.


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